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Description: you can use some of the chips are 1.8V with this socket, such as Winbond w25q64, Macronix mx25u1635,mx25u6435 in 3.3V programming device programmer.These chips are usually used in Apple computers motherboard.Suitable 1.8v Chip:Winbondw25q10ew, w25q20ew, w25q20bw, w25q40ew, w25q40bw, w25q80ew, w25q80bw, w25q16dw, w25q16fw,w25q32dw, w25q32fw, w25q64dw, w25q64fw, w25f128fw Macronixmx25u5121e, mx25r512f, mx25u1001e, mx25r1035f, mx25u2033e, mx25r2035f, mx25u4035,mx25u4033e, mx25u4032e, mx25r4035f, mx25u8035, mx25u8035e, mx25u8033e, mx25u8032e,mx25r8035f, mx25u1635e, mx25v1635f, mx25u1635f, mx25r1635f, mx25u3235e, mx25u3235f,mx25r3235f, mx25u6473f, mx25u6435f, mx25r6435f, mx25u12873f, mx25u12835f,mx25u25635f, mx25u51245g, mx25um51245g, mx66u51235f Package included:1 x 1.8V Conversion Socket