1. This downloader supports 3.3V and 5V STC full range of all SCM burning procedures.
2. The highest baud rate 115200 perfect support! No longer for the STC10 series, STC12 series, STC11 series, STC15 series of burning distress.
3. The programmer automatically download without cold start, no need to frequently power down SCM. This function makes STC SCM download program becomes very convenient.
4. The burner with USB to TTL, USB to serial port function, can be used for USB to TTL electronic product upgrades, does not affect the normal serial communication debugging!
5. The success rate of  STC12, STC15, STC11, STC10 series program can up to100%. The programmer uses CH340 + SCM control core.
6. With 500MA self-recovery fuse, perfect to protect your computer motherboard!
7. Metal aluminum shell protection burner motherboard.
8. Interface definition is printed on the shell.
9. When burning STC SCM, after clicking download, the light will go out, it will flash when there is data transmission, if no data transmission, it will always keep bright.10. Support win7 8 10 system (64-bit and 32-bit system)
11. Purple, white, black, gold, blue, purplish red, red, green, brown color for optional, random delivery in general.
STC SCM burning instructions (four pins required): 
5.0V / 3V3 (SCM VCC)
TXD (SCM P3.0)
RXD (SCM P3.1)
GND (SCM GND)Package included:3 x 5V 3.3V SCM programmer