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1. Foldable & Adjustable: Different height settings to raise the screen to your eye level, can protect your eyesight and cervical spine, make your cervical spine and spine in the natural bending and relaxation, in line with ergonomic health standards. 2. Four-point support, static load-bearing up to 22lbs, the dual clamps of the stand is built-in with sturdy springs will auto hold your laptop panel firmly with any angle and position. 
3. Quality Metarial: Superior environmental protection materials, reinforced nylon, high toughness, light high-strength carbon fiber to meet the product repeatedly folded and long-term use of mechanical performance requirements. 
4. Contribute to correct your posture, protects your vertebral, as well as being a perfect gift for your friends who are in need. 
5. Universal compatibility: It supports all the laptops and macbooks with a front edge smaller than 2.2cm and the keyboard width smaller than 27.5
Material: Hard plastic POM+ soft rubber TPE 
Size: 330*32*36(mm)
Weight: 165g 
Package include: 1 x Laptop Stand