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Feature:Mini fashion, purify deodorization, fast charging, efficient match1. ultrasonic atomization humidification: the use of ultrasonic atomization technology, through the high-frequency shock of the atomized film, make the liquid water molecules break up, to 113KHz frequency of water into 6UM ultra-small water droplets, resulting in natural and elegant water mist, Fusion of essential oils of natural aroma, volatile uniform, to enhance the air humidity inside the car, so that the skin more comfortable2. Charging humidification at the same time: dual USB interface design, humidified air at the same time for your electronic equipment charging, and USB port automatically Distribute the current, while output up to 5V / 2.1A, you can sync charge two mobile devices.3. Touch screen switch: finger touch switch, light blue light, into the humidification mode; touch again, the indicator light red and blue lights together, the product into the aroma mode (use aroma mode need to add 2-3 drops of fragrance water in water)4. Purify the air: the humidifier will release a large number of negative ions in the process, with the air floating smoke, dust and other electrostatic reaction, to precipitate, quickly remove the car odor, such as second-hand smoke, dust mites and harmful gases, Solve dizziness, motion sickness and other issues, healthy humidification, the release of fresh air.5. Electronic components and atomization of the separation of humanized design, 2 hours automatic power-off protection6. The direction of the output fog can be adjusted, the humidifier and cigarette lighter connected parts, used to bend the human design, you can adjust the direction of the fog, the use of more convenient7. Aromatherapy: refreshing, choose your favorite aroma taste add 2-3 drops into the humidifier, driving on the road, reducing driving fatigue

Instructions for use:
Counterclockwise rotation to open the water tank, the water added to the tank, you can add 2-3 drops of aroma to the water, clockwise rotation of the water tank, the plug into the car charger, touch the touch screen switch, open the humidification mode, insert the USB interface to the phone charge The
(If only open the humidification mode, even if the oil, not the real effect of aroma; if the fragrance to the water, and with the use, want to return to humidification mode, remove the aroma of taste, Need to re-add water)Specification:
Brand Name: REMAX Model: RT-C01Size: 68*70*210(mm)PW: 1.5-3.5WUSB charger: DC5V2.1AInput/output: DC12VWater box: 50MLSpray volume: 20-30ML/Hour

Package Included :1* REMAX USB Charger