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Description:DSLogic is a USB - -based logic analyzer.Based on Xilinx Spartan - 6 FPGA + SDRAM product architecture,can provide up to 400 MHZ real-time sampling, the status of 50 MHZ sampling, sampling depth of 16 M * 16 channel.Technical indicators as shown below:Maximum sampling rate:4 channels @ 400 MHZ8 channels @ 200 MHZ16 channels @ 100 MHZThe onboard storage depth:Total 256 K (16 m samples per channel)Continuous adjustable threshold voltage range: 0.5 V to + 5 VThe input voltage range: - 30 v to + 30 vInput impedance: 250 kohmInput channel bandwidth: 30 MHZThe largest state sampling clock: 30 MHZDifferent from other entry-level DSLogic logic analyzer features basically has the following several aspects:Low 256 mbit on-board memory ensure real-time storage of up to 1.6 Gbps sampling data.Entry-level logic analyzer metropolitanto compromise of bandwidth or storage depth indicator, and greatly reduce the practicability of this kind of logic analyzer.Saleae through USB real-time transmission, for example, using PC memory to store data, a good solution to the problemof the depth of the storage, but because of the USB bandwidth limited, the highest can reach 200-300 MBPS sampling bandwidth;Open the Workbench Logic sniffers, adopted FPGA internal BRAM as storage space, also have a 1.6 Gbps sampling bandwidth,but only 216 kbit storage depth.Package included:1 x DSLogic Logic Analyzer