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-This product can produce a large number of negative ions and a few reactive oxygen species, can promote the body's metabolism, regulate the body function balance, activate human cells, kill a variety of respiratory infections, strengthen breathing, and can effectively remove the smell of cigarettes.
-This product has more functions such as over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, overcharge protection and so on.
-With unique iron drill on the front, it can break the car window easily, making your life safer
-Anion generator, release negative ions, neutralization and the elimination of electrostatic, produce reactive oxygen species,  smoke prevention, and dust control. 
Increase the USB function, make your life more intelligent.
Output 1:(QC3.0)5V/2.1A   9V/1.7A  12V/1.2A
Output 2(concentration 3 million/cm³)
Color:Silver /golden /rose golden
Packaging:White gift box
Package included:
1X Car charger
1.It can not be used under moist condition
2.Do not keep this car charger in damp condition
3.The suitable temperature is 0-45℃
4.Keep away from children
5.Pull the plugin time after power-charging finishedMore details: