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Real offline downloader, hex/bin is saved in the offline downloader, directly programming the target CPU
The appearance of U disk design, easy to carry, especially suitable for field upgrade applications
USB HID plug and play, free drive
Meet most download requirements
Support STM32F4XX series
Support Hex file, support Bin file
File data is stored in FLASH in an encrypted manner to protect data security
With smart read protection removed, even if the chip is read protected, it can be successfully downloaded
Rich selection function
Support download limit setting
Port super protection circuit
Data transmission Uses multiple checksums to ensure that there is no loss.
Up to 2M flash memory capacity, single - machine single - mirror dedicated, is very clear
Package includes:
1 x Offline Downloader1 x 5pin cable
Use question:
Q: How does the offline downloader supply power?
A: The offline downloader is a standard USB interface, and all standard USB powered devices can power the offline downloader.
USB port phone power adapter, power bank, computer USB port .... 
In addition, the offline downloader interface has a "+3.3V" power port, which can supply power to the target board. Up to 300ma, the target board can also use this interface to power the offline downloader.
Q: Offline downloader can be downloaded via serial port (ISP download, need jumper BOOT)?
A: This offline downloader currently only supports the "SWD" / "JTAG" interface. At present, it does not support the serial port (ISP) interface download.
Q: Whether the offline loader has protection function?
A: This offline downloader has over-current and anti-connection protection.
Q: Why does the "Blue LED" flash while the offline downloader is downloading?
A: Check if the offline downloader is connected to the target CPU correctly.
Check whether the "CPU Series" selection is consistent with the target CPU.
If the "SWD" pin is disabled or multiplexed in the program, please connect the offline downloader pin 5 "RESET" to the target CPU "RESET" pin.
Q: Is offline downloader supports hot pluggable?
A: The theory supports hot plugging, but we does not recommend it.
Q: Is offline downloader able to connect "JTAG" burning chip?
A: Because the "JTAG" pin already contains the "SWD" pin, the chip can be programmed via "JTAG"