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Product Code: C122-1278775

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Description:SkyPRO II is a High-Speed USB programmer produced by CORIGHT.SkyPRO II support 24 EEPROM, 25 EEPROM, 93 EEPROM, DataFlash, SPI FLASH, AVR, STM32 etc.SkyPRO II support on-line mode, off-line mode and mass production mode.SkyPRO II support off-line chip copy.SkyPRO II support rolling code chip(HCS series).(HCS Version Only)SkyPRO II Safe, High-Speed, Portable.

Can directly read the TXT file, play VIDEO format video

Custom screen brightness, screen out and standby time, buzzer mode

The global unique anti fake serial number, the working voltage, the main control chip temperature real-time view

- the appearance of small, portable.

- built-in self recovery fuse, continue to provide protection for the equipment.

-The USB - 2 interface, speed up to 12Mbps.

- support HCS series rolling code chip programming exercises (rolling code version).

- support 24 EEPROM, 25 EEPROM, 93 EEPROM, SPI FLASH, FLASH memory chip DATA series and the AVR microcontroller.

- support production mode (production version).

- support chip replication (24 EEPROM, 25 EEPROM, 93 EEPROM).

-Upgrade automatic detection - support software and firmware, continue to add more support chip models.

- software support for multiple languages, the user may need to customize the interface language.

-A friendly cache edit window.

-Support Windows 2000, XP Windows, Vista Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

- even as an ordinary computer programmer.

- offline burner (which can be completely separated from the computer).

- on the two positions of GM, just put the chip, can burn two pieces.

-Support STM32 single chip microcomputer.

-Chip replication, the support of the memory chip can be copied (24,25,93, spiflash, DataFlash).

-Card reader function.

-Virtual serial port function.

- multi language.

- a N production.

- e-book.

- video playback.

-TF can be extended to 32GB.

- chip identification (support chip identification).

- custom boot screen / animation.


IC support list



**********************************HOPPING CODE***********************************Rolling Code Edition*MICROCHIP: HCS101; HCS200; HCS201; HCS300; HCS301; HCS320; HCS360; HCS361; ***********************************24 EEPROM************************************ATMEL: AT24C01; AT24C01A; AT24C01B; AT24C02; AT24C02A; AT24C02B; AT34C02D; AT24C04; AT24C04A; AT24C04B; AT34C04; AT24C08; AT24C08A; AT24C08B; AT24RF08C; AT24C16; AT24C16A; AT24C16B; AT24C32; AT24C32A; AT24C32B; AT24C64; AT24C64A; AT24C64B; AT24C128; AT24C128A; AT24C128B; AT24C256; AT24C256A; AT24C256B; AT24C512; AT24C512A; AT24C512B; AT24C1024; AT24C1024A; AT24C1024B; CATALYST: CAT24C01; CAT24C02; CAT24C04; CAT24C08; CAT24C16; CAT24C32; CAT24C64; CAT24C128; CAT24C256; CAT24C512; CAT24C1024; CORIGHT: 24C01; 24C02; 24C04; 24C08; 24C16; 24C32; 24C64; 24C128; 24C256; 24C512; 24C1024; FAIRCHILD: FM24C01; FM24C02; FM24C03; FM24C04; FM24C05; FM24C08; FM24C09; FM24C16; FM24C17; FM24C32; FM24C64; FM24C128; FM24C256; FM24C512; FM24C1024; HOLTEK: HT24C01; HT24LC01; HT24C02; HT24LC02; HT24C04; HT24LC04; HT24C08; HT24LC08; HT24C16; HT24LC16; HT24C32; HT24LC32; HT24C64; HT24LC64; HT24C128; HT24LC128; HT24C256; HT24LC256; HT24C512; HT24C1024; ISSI: IS24C01; IS24C02; IS24C04; IS24C08; IS24C16; IS24C32; IS24C64; IS24C128; IS24C256; IS24C512; IS24C1024; MICROCHIP: 24AA00; 24FC00; 24LC00; 24AA01; 24FC01; 24LC01; 24AA02; 24FC02; 24LC02; 24AA04; 24FC04; 24LC04; 24AA08; 24FC08; 24LC08; 24AA16; 24FC16; 24LC16; 24AA32; 24FC32; 24LC32; 24AA64; 24FC64; 24LC64; 24AA128; 24FC128; 24LC128; 24AA256; 24FC256; 24LC256; 24AA512; 24FC512; 24LC512; 24AA1026; 24FC1026; 24LC1026; NSC: 24C02; 24C02L; 24C64; NXP: PCA24S08; RAMTRON: FM24C04A; FM24CL04; FM24C16A; FM24CL16; FM24C64; FM24CL64; FM24C256; FM24CL256; FM24C512; ROHM: BR24C01; BR24L01; BR24C02; BR24L02; BR24C04; BR24C04; BR24C08; BR24L08; BUL08; BR24C16; BR24L16; BR24C32; BR24L32; BR24C64; BR24L64; SANYO: LE26CAP08; ST: M24C01; ST24C01; M24C02; ST24C02; M24C04; ST24C04; M24C08; ST24C08; M24C16; ST24C16; M24C32; ST24C32; M24C64; ST24C64; M24128; M24256; M24512; M24M01; M24M02; XICOR: X24C01; X24C02; X24C04; X24C08; X24C16; ***********************************25 EEPROM************************************ATMEL: AT25010; AT25020; AT25040; AT25080; AT25160; AT25320; AT25640; AT25128; AT25256; AT25512; CATALYST: CAT25C01; CAT25C01P; CAT25C01S; CAT25C01U; CAT25C02P; CAT25C02S; CAT25C02U; CAT25C03P; CAT25C03S; CAT25C03U; CAT25C04P; CAT25C04S; CAT25C04U; CAT25C05P; CAT25C05S; CAT25C05U; CAT25C08P; CAT25C08S; CAT25C08U; CAT25C09P; CAT25C09S; CAT25C09U; CAT25C16P; CAT25C16S; CAT25C16U; CAT25C17P; CAT25C17S; CAT25C17U; CAT25C32P; CAT25C32S; CAT25C33P; CAT25C33S; CAT25C64P; CAT25C64S; CAT25C65P; CAT25C65S; CAT25C128P; CAT25C128S; CAT25C256P; CAT25C256S; CORIGHT: 25C01; 25C02; 25C040; 25C080; 25C160; 25C320; 25C640; 25C128; 25C256; MICROCHIP: 25AA040; 25C040; 25LC040; 25AA080; 25C080; 25LC080; 25AA160; 25C160; 25LC160; 25AA320; 25C320; 25LC320; 25AA640; 25C640; 25LC640; 25AA128; 25LC128; 25AA256; 25LC256; RAMTRON: FM25L04; FM25C160; FM25L16; FM25640; FM25CL64; FM25V01; FM25L256; FM25V02; FM25V05; FM25V10; FM25V20; ST: M95010; ST25C01; ST25W01; M95020; ST25C02; ST25W02; M95040; ST25C04; ST25W04; M95080; ST25C08; ST25W08; M95160; ST25C16; ST25W16; M95320; M95640; M95128; M95256; M95512; M95M01; M95M02; TI: TI2532; TI2532A; TI2564; XICOR: X25010; X25020; X25040; X25080; X25160; X25320; X25640; X25128; X25256; X25512; ***********************************93 EEPROM************************************ACE: ACE93C46-16bit; ACE93C46-8bit; AKM: AK93C45A; AK93C55A; AK93C65A; AK93C75A; ATC: ATC93C46-16bit; ATC93C46-8bit; ATC93C56-16bit; ATC93C56-8bit; ATC93C66-16bit; ATC93C66-8bit; ATC93C86-16bit; ATC93C86-8bit; ATMEL: 93C46-16bit; 93C46-8bit; 93C46A; 93C46B; 93C46C-16bit; 93C46C-8bit; 93C56-16bit; 93C56-8bit; 93C56A; 93C56B; 93C56C-16bit; 93C56C-8bit; 93C66-16bit; 93C66-8bit; 93C66A; 93C66B; 93C66C-16bit; 93C66C-8bit; 93C76-16bit; 93C76-8bit; 93C76A; 93C76B; 93C76C-16bit; 93C76C-8bit; 93C86-16bit; 93C86-8bit; 93C86A; 93C86B; 93C86C-16bit; 93C86C-8bit; CATALYST: CAT93C46-16bit; CAT93C46-8bit; CAT93C56-16bit; CAT93C56-8bit; CAT93C57-16bit; CAT93C57-8bit; CAT93C66-16bit; CAT93C66-8bit; CAT93C86-16bit; CAT93C86-8bit; CORIGHT: 93C06; 93C46-16bit; 93C46-8bit; 93C56-16bit; 93C56-8bit; 93C66-16bit; 93C66-8bit; 93C76-16bit; 93C76-8bit; 93C86-16bit; 93C86-8bit; EXEL: XL93C06; XL93C46; XL93CS46; XL93LC46; XL93C56; XL93LC56; XL93C66; XL93LC66; FAIRCHILD: FM93C06; FM93C46; FM93C46A-16bit; FM93C46A-8bit; FM93C56; FM93C56A-16bit; FM93C56A-8bit; FM93C66; FM93C66A-16bit; FM93C66A-8bit; FM93C86A-16bit; FM93C86A-8bit; HOLTEK: HT93LC46-16bit; HT93LC46-8bit; HT93LC56-16bit; HT93LC56-8bit; HT93LC66-16bit; HT93LC66-8bit; ISSI: IS93C46; IS93C46A-16bit; IS93C46A-8bit; IS93C56; IS93C56A-16bit; IS93C56A-8bit; IS93C66; IS93C66A-16bit; IS93C66A-8bit; IS93C76A-16bit; IS93C76A-8bit; IS93C86A-8bit; MICROCHIP: 93C06; 93AA46-16bit; 93AA46-8bit; 93C46-16bit; 93C46-8bit; 93C46A; 93C46B; 93LC46-16bit; 93LC46-8bit; 93LC46A; 93LC46B; 93AA56-16bit; 93AA56-8bit; 93C56-16bit; 93C56-8bit; 93C56A; 93C56B; 93LC56-16bit; 93LC56-8bit; 93LC56A; 93LC56B; 93AA66-16bit; 93AA66-8bit; 93C66-16bit; 93C66-8bit; 93C66A; 93C66B; 93LC66-16bit; 93LC66-8bit; 93LC66A; 93LC66B; 93AA76-16bit; 93AA76-8bit; 93C76-16bit; 93C76-8bit; 93LC76-16bit; 93LC76-8bit; 93AA86-16bit; 93AA86-8bit; 993C86-16bit; 93LC86-16bit; 93LC86-8bit; 993C86-8bit; NSC: 93C06; 93CS06; 93C46; 93CS46; 93C56; 93CS56; 93C66; 93CS66; 93C86; 93CS86; ROHM: BR93LC46; BR93LC46RF; BR93LC56; BR93LC56RF; BR93LC66; BR93LC66RF; SEIKO: S-93C46A; S-93C56A; S-93C66A; ST: ST93C06; M93C46-16bit; M93C46-8bit; M93S46; M93S46R; M93S46W; ST93C46; M93C56-16bit; M93C56-8bit; M93S56; M93S56R; M93S56W; ST93C56; M93C66-16bit; M93C66-8bit; M93S66; M93S66R; M93S66W; ST93C66; M93C76-16bit; M93C76-8bit; M93C86-16bit; M93C86-8bit; ***********************************SPI FLASH************************************ALTERA: EPCS1; EPCS4; EPCS16; EPCS64; EPCS128; AMIC: A25L05PT; A25L05PU; A25L512; A25L010; A25L10PT; A25L10PU; A25L020; A25L20PT; A25L20PU; A25L040; A25L40P; A25L080; A25L80P; A25L016; A25L16PT; A25L16PU; A25LQ16; A25L032; A25LQ032; A25LQ32A; A25LQ64; ATMEL: AT25F512; AT25F512A; AT25F512B; AT25F1024; AT25F1024A; AT25FS010; AT25DF021; AT25F2048; AT25FS020; AT25DF041A; AT25F4096; AT25FS040; AT25SF041; AT26F004; AT25SF081; AT26DF081A; AT25DF161; AT25SF161; AT26DF161; AT26DF161A; AT25DF321; AT25DF321A; AT26DF321; AT25DF641; BERG: BG25Q40A; BG25Q80A; BG25Q16A; BG25Q32A; CHINGIS: Pm25LD256C; Pm25LD512; Pm25LD512C; Pm25LQ512A; Pm25LD010; Pm25LD010C; Pm25LQ010A; Pm25LD020; Pm25LD020C; Pm25LQ020A; Pm25LD040; Pm25LD040C; Pm25LQ040A; Pm25LQ080; Pm25LQ016; Pm25LQ032C; CORIGHT: 25P05; 25P10; 25P20; 25P40; 25P80; 25P16; 25P32; 25P64; 25P128; EON: EN25B05; EN25B05T; EN25F05; EN25LF05; EN25P05; EN25B10; EN25B10T; EN25D10; EN25F10; EN25LF10; EN25P10; EN25B20; EN25B20T; EN25D20; EN25F20; EN25LF20; EN25P20; EN25B40; EN25B40T; EN25D40; EN25F40; EN25LF40; EN25P40; EN25B80; EN25B80T; EN25D80; EN25F80; EN25P80; EN25Q80A; EN25T80; EN25B16; EN25B16T; EN25D16; EN25F16; EN25P16; EN25Q16; EN25Q16A; EN25QH16; EN25T16; EN25B32; EN25B32T; EN25F32; EN25P32; EN25Q32A; EN25Q32B; EN25QH32A; EN25B64; EN25B64T; EN25F64; EN25P64; EN25Q64; EN25QH64; EN25F128; EN25Q128; EN25QH128A; EN25QH256; ESMT: F25L01PA; F25L02PA; F25L004A; F25L004AT; F25L04PA; F25L04UA; F25L008A; F25L008AT; F25L08PA; F25L08QA; F25L016A; F25L016AT; F25L16PA; F25L16QA; F25L32A; F25L32AT; F25L32PA; F25L32QA; F25L64QA; EXCELSEMI: ES25P10; ES25P20; ES25M40; ES25M40A; ES25P40; ES25M80; ES25M80A; ES25P80; ES25M16; ES25M16A; ES25P16; ES25P32; FM: FM25F005; FM25F01; FM25F02; FM25F04; FM25FQ32; GIGADEVICE: GD25Q512; GD25Q10; GD25Q20B; GD25Q21B; GD25Q40B; GD25Q41B; GD25Q80B; GD25Q16B; GD25Q32B; GD25Q64B; GD25Q64C; GD25Q128C; MICRON: M25P05; M25P10; M25P20; M25P40; M25P80; M25P16; M25P32; N25Q032; N25Q032A; M25P64; N25Q064; N25Q064A; M25P128; N25Q128; N25Q128A; N25Q256; N25Q256A; MT25QL512AB; MXIC: MX25U5121E; MX25L5121E; MX25L512E; MX25R512F; MX25V512E; MX25V512F; MX25U1001E; MX25L1006E; MX25L1021E; MX25L1026E; MX25R1035F; MX25V1006E; MX25V1035F; MX25U2032E; MX25U2033E; MX25L2006E; MX25L2026E; MX25R2035F; MX25V2006E; MX25V2035F; MX25U4032E; MX25U4033E; MX25U4035; MX25V4035; MX25L4006E; MX25L4026E; MX25R4035F; MX25V4006E; MX25V4035F; MX25U8032E; MX25U8033E; MX25U8035; MX25U8035E; MX25V8035; MX25L8006E; MX25L8008E; MX25L8035E; MX25L8036E; MX25L8073E; MX25R8035F; MX25V8006E; MX25V8035F; MX25U1635E; MX25U1635F; MX25L1606E; MX25L1608E; MX25L1633E; MX25L1635E; MX25L1636D; MX25L1636E; MX25L1673E; MX25R1635F; MX25V1635F; MX25U3235E; MX25U3235F; MX25L3206E; MX25L3208E; MX25L3233F; MX25L3235E; MX25L3236D; MX25L3236F; MX25L3239E; MX25L3273E; MX25L3273F; MX25L3275E; MX25R3235F; MX25U6435F; MX25U6473F; MX25L6406E; MX25L6408E; MX25L6433F; MX25L6435E; MX25L6436E; MX25L6436F; MX25L6439E; MX25L6445E; MX25L6465E; MX25L6473E; MX25L6473F; MX25L6475E; MX25R6435F; MX25U12835F; MX25U12873F; MX25L12835F; MX25L12836E; MX25L12839F; MX25L12845E; MX25L12845G; MX25L12850F; MX25L12865E; MX25L12865F; MX25L12873F; MX25L12875F; MX25U25635F; MX25L25635E; MX25L25635F; MX25L25639F; MX25L25645G; MX25L25673G; MX25L25735E; MX25L25735F; MX25L25835E; MX25U51245G; MX25UM51245G; MX66U51235F; MX25L51237G; MX25L51245G; MX66L51235F; MX66L1G45G; NEXFLASH: NX25P10; NX25P20; NX25P40; NX25P80; NX25P16; NX25P32; PMC: PM25LV512; PM25LV010; PM25LV020; PM25LV040; PM25LV080B; PM25LV016B; SAIFUN: SA25F005; SA25F010; SA25F020; SA25F040; SA25F080; SA25F160; SA25F320; SPANSION: S25FL004A; S25FL008A; S25FL016A; S25FL116K; S25FL032A; S25FL132K; S25FL064A; S25FL164K; S25FL128K; S25FL128S; S25FL256S; S25FL512S; SST: SST25LF512A; SST25VF512; SST25VF512A; SST25LF010A; SST25VF010; SST25VF010A; SST25LF020A; SST25VF020; SST25VF020A; SST25VF020B; SST25LF040A; SST25VF040; SST25VF040A; SST25VF040B; SST25LF080A; SST25VF080; SST25VF080A; SST25VF080B; SST25VF016B; SST25VF032B; SST25VF064C; ST: M25P05; M25P05A; M25P10; M25P10A; M25PE10; M25P20; M25P20A; M25PE20; M25P40; M25P40A; M25PE40; M25P80; M25P80A; M25PE80; M25PX80; M25P16; M25PE16; M25PX16; M25P32; M25PX32; M25P64; M25PX64; M25P128; WINBOND: W25Q10EW; W25P10; W25X10; W25X10A; W25X10AL; W25X10L; W25Q20BW; W25Q20EW; W25P20; W25Q20; W25X20; W25X20A; W25X20AL; W25X20L; W25Q40BW; W25Q40EW; W25P40; W25Q40; W25X40; W25X40A; W25X40AL; W25X40L; W25Q80BW; W25Q80EW; W25P80; W25Q80; W25X80; W25X80A; W25X80AL; W25X80L; W25Q16DW; W25Q16FW; W25P16; W25Q16; W25X16; W25Q32FW; W25P32; W25Q32; W25X32; W25Q64FW; W25Q64; W25X64; W25Q128FW; W25Q128; W25Q256; W25M512JV; ***********************************DATA FLASH***********************************ATMEL: AT45DB011D-bin; AT45DB011B; AT45DB011D; AT45DB021D-bin; AT45DB021B; AT45DB021D; AT45DB041D-bin; AT45DB041B; AT45DB041D; AT45DB081D-bin; AT45DB081B; AT45DB081D; AT45DB161D-bin; AT45DB161B; AT45DB161D; AT45DB321D-bin; AT45DB321B; AT45DB321D; AT45DB642D-bin; AT45DB642B; AT45DB642D; *************************************STM32***************************************SkyPRO II*STM32F0xx: STM32F030F4; STM32F031C4; STM32F031F4; STM32F031G4; STM32F031K4; STM32F042C4; STM32F042F4; STM32F042G4; STM32F042K4; STM32F051C4; STM32F051K4; STM32F051R4; STM32F030C6; STM32F030K6; STM32F031C6; STM32F031E6; STM32F031F6; STM32F031G6; STM32F031K6; STM32F038C6; STM32F038E6; STM32F038F6; STM32F038G6; STM32F038K6; STM32F042C6; STM32F042F6; STM32F042G6; STM32F042K6; STM32F042T6; STM32F048C6; STM32F048G6; STM32F048T6; STM32F051C6; STM32F051K6; STM32F051R6; STM32F070C6; STM32F070F6; STM32F030C8; STM32F030R8; STM32F051C8; STM32F051K8; STM32F051R8; STM32F051T8; STM32F058C8; STM32F058R8; STM32F058T8; STM32F071V8; STM32F072C8; STM32F072R8; STM32F072V8; STM32F070CB; STM32F070RB; STM32F071CB; STM32F071RB; STM32F071VB; STM32F072CB; STM32F072RB; STM32F072VB; STM32F078CB; STM32F078RB; STM32F078VB; STM32F091CB; STM32F091RB; STM32F091VB; STM32F030CC; STM32F030RC; STM32F091CC; STM32F091RC; STM32F091VC; STM32F098CC; STM32F098RC; STM32F098VC; STM32F10x: STM32F100C4; STM32F100R4; STM32F101C4; STM32F101R4; STM32F101T4; STM32F102C4; STM32F102R4; STM32F103C4; STM32F103R4; STM32F103T4; STM32F100C6; STM32F100R6; STM32F101C6; STM32F101R6; STM32F101T6; STM32F102C6; STM32F102R6; STM32F103C6; STM32F103R6; STM32F103T6; STM32F100C8; STM32F100R8; STM32F100V8; STM32F101C8; STM32F101R8; STM32F101T8; STM32F101V8; STM32F102C8; STM32F102R8; STM32F103C8; STM32F103R8; STM32F103T8; STM32F103V8; STM32F105R8; STM32F105V8; STM32F100CB; STM32F100RB; STM32F100VB; STM32F101CB; STM32F101RB; STM32F101TB; STM32F101VB; STM32F102CB; STM32F102RB; STM32F103CB; STM32F103RB; STM32F103TB; STM32F103VB; STM32F105RB; STM32F105VB; STM32F107RB; STM32F107VB; STM32F100RC; STM32F100VC; STM32F100ZC; STM32F101RC; STM32F101VC; STM32F101ZC; STM32F103RC; STM32F103VC; STM32F103ZC; STM32F105RC; STM32F105VC; STM32F107RC; STM32F107VC; STM32F100RD; STM32F100VD; STM32F100ZD; STM32F101RD; STM32F101VD; STM32F101ZD; STM32F103RD; STM32F103VD; STM32F103ZD; STM32F100RE; STM32F100VE; STM32F100ZE; STM32F101RE; STM32F101VE; STM32F101ZE; STM32F103RE; STM32F103VE; STM32F103ZE; STM32F101RF; STM32F101VF; STM32F101ZF; STM32F103RF; STM32F103VF; STM32F103ZF; STM32F101RG; STM32F101VG; STM32F101ZG; STM32F103RG; STM32F103VG; STM32F103ZG; STM32F2xx: STM32F205RB; STM32F205VB; STM32F205RC; STM32F205VC; STM32F205ZC; STM32F207IC; STM32F207VC; STM32F207ZC; STM32F205RE; STM32F205VE; STM32F205ZE; STM32F207IE; STM32F207VE; STM32F207ZE; STM32F215RE; STM32F215VE; STM32F215ZE; STM32F217IE; STM32F217VE; STM32F217ZE; STM32F205RF; STM32F205VF; STM32F205ZF; STM32F207IF; STM32F207VF; STM32F207ZF; STM32F205RG; STM32F205VG; STM32F205ZG; STM32F207IG; STM32F207VG; STM32F207ZG; STM32F215RG; STM32F215VG; STM32F215ZG; STM32F217IG; STM32F217VG; STM32F217ZG; STM32F30x: STM32F334C4; STM32F334K4; STM32F301C6; STM32F301K6; STM32F301R6; STM32F302C6; STM32F302C8; STM32F302K6; STM32F302R6; STM32F303C6; STM32F303K6; STM32F303R6; STM32F334C6; STM32F334K6; STM32F334R6; STM32F301C8; STM32F301K8; STM32F301R8; STM32F302K8; STM32F302R8; STM32F303C8; STM32F303K8; STM32F303R8; STM32F318C8; STM32F318K8; STM32F328C8; STM32F334C8; STM32F334K8; STM32F334R8; STM32F373C8; STM32F373R8; STM32F373V8; STM32F302CB; STM32F302RB; STM32F302VB; STM32F303CB; STM32F303RB; STM32F303VB; STM32F373CB; STM32F373RB; STM32F373VB; STM32F302CC; STM32F302RC; STM32F302VC; STM32F303CC; STM32F303RC; STM32F303VC; STM32F358CC; STM32F358RC; STM32F358VC; STM32F373CC; STM32F373RC; STM32F373VC; STM32F378CC; STM32F378RC; STM32F378VC; STM32F302RD; STM32F302VD; STM32F302ZD; STM32F303RD; STM32F303VD; STM32F303ZD; STM32F302RE; STM32F302VE; STM32F302ZE; STM32F303RE; STM32F303VE; STM32F303ZE; STM32F398VE; STM32F4xx: STM32F401CB; STM32F401RB; STM32F401VB; STM32F401CC; STM32F401RC; STM32F401VC; STM32F411CC; STM32F411RC; STM32F411VC; STM32F446MC; STM32F446RC; STM32F446VC; STM32F446ZC; STM32F401CD; STM32F401RD; STM32F401VD; STM32F401CE; STM32F401RE; STM32F401VE; STM32F4050E; STM32F407IE; STM32F407VE; STM32F407ZE; STM32F411CE; STM32F411RE; STM32F411VE; STM32F417IE; STM32F417VE; STM32F417ZE; STM32F429BE; STM32F429IE; STM32F429NE; STM32F429VE; STM32F429ZE; STM32F446ME; STM32F446RE; STM32F446VE; STM32F446ZE; STM32F469AE; STM32F469BE; STM32F469IE; STM32F469NE; STM32F4050G; STM32F405RG; STM32F405VG; STM32F405ZG; STM32F407IG; STM32F407VG; STM32F407ZG; STM32F4150G; STM32F415RG; STM32F415VG; STM32F415ZG; STM32F417IG; STM32F417VG; STM32F417ZG; STM32F427AG; STM32F427IG; STM32F427VG; STM32F427ZG; STM32F429BG; STM32F429IG; STM32F429NG; STM32F429VG; STM32F429ZG; STM32F437IG; STM32F437VG; STM32F437ZG; STM32F439BG; STM32F439IG; STM32F439NG; STM32F439VG; STM32F439ZG; STM32F469AG; STM32F469BG; STM32F469IG; STM32F469NG; STM32F479AG; STM32F479BG; STM32F479IG; STM32F479NG; STM32F427AI; STM32F427II; STM32F427VI; STM32F427ZI; STM32F429AI; STM32F429BI; STM32F429II; STM32F429NI; STM32F429VI; STM32F429ZI; STM32F437AI; STM32F437II; STM32F437VI; STM32F437ZI; STM32F439AI; STM32F439BI; STM32F439II; STM32F439NI; STM32F439VI; STM32F439ZI; STM32F469AI; STM32F469BI; STM32F469II; STM32F469NI; STM32F479AI; STM32F479BI; STM32F479II; STM32F479NI; STM32L0xx: STM32L031C4; STM32L031E4; STM32L031F4; STM32L031G4; STM32L031K4; STM32L041F4; STM32L031C6; STM32L031E6; STM32L031G6; STM32L031K6; STM32L041C6; STM32L041G6; STM32L041K6; STM32L051C6; STM32L051K6; STM32L051R6; STM32L051T6; STM32L052C6; STM32L052K6; STM32L052R6; STM32L052T6; STM32L053C6; STM32L053R6; STM32L051C8; STM32L051K8; STM32L051R8; STM32L051T8; STM32L052C8; STM32L052K8; STM32L052R8; STM32L052T8; STM32L053C8; STM32L053R8; STM32L062K8; STM32L063C8; STM32L063R8; STM32L071K8; STM32L071V8; STM32L072V8; STM32L073V8; STM32L083V8; STM32L071CB; STM32L071KB; STM32L071RB; STM32L071VB; STM32L072CB; STM32L072KB; STM32L072RB; STM32L072VB; STM32L073RB; STM32L073VB; STM32L081CB; STM32L081RB; STM32L082KB; STM32L083RB; STM32L083VB; STM32L071CZ; STM32L071KZ; STM32L071RZ; STM32L071VZ; STM32L072CZ; STM32L072KZ; STM32L072RZ; STM32L072VZ; STM32L073CZ; STM32L073RZ; STM32L073VZ; STM32L083CZ; STM32L083RZ; STM32L083VZ; STM32L1xx: STM32L100C6-A; STM32L100C6; STM32L151C6-A; STM32L151C6; STM32L151R6-A; STM32L151R6; STM32L152C6-A; STM32L152C6; STM32L152R6-A; STM32L152R6; STM32L100R8-A; STM32L100R8; STM32L151C8-A; STM32L151C8; STM32L151R8-A; STM32L151R8; STM32L151V8-A; STM32L151V8; STM32L152C8-A; STM32L152C8; STM32L152R8-A; STM32L152R8; STM32L152V8-A; STM32L152V8; STM32L100RB-A; STM32L100RB; STM32L151CB-A; STM32L151CB; STM32L151RB-A; STM32L151RB; STM32L151VB-A; STM32L151VB; STM32L152CB-A; STM32L152CB; STM32L152RB-A; STM32L152RB; STM32L152VB-A; STM32L152VB; STM32L100RC; STM32L151CC; STM32L151QC; STM32L151RC-A; STM32L151RC; STM32L151UC; STM32L151VC; STM32L151ZC; STM32L152CC; STM32L152QC; STM32L152RC-A; STM32L152RC; STM32L152UC; STM32L152VC; STM32L152ZC; STM32L162RC-A; STM32L162RC; STM32L162VC-A; STM32L162VC; STM32L151QD; STM32L151RD; STM32L151VD-X; STM32L151VD; STM32L151ZD; STM32L152QD; STM32L152RD; STM32L152VD-X; STM32L152VD; STM32L152ZD; STM32L162QD; STM32L162RD; STM32L162VD-X; STM32L162VD; STM32L162ZD; STM32L151QE; STM32L151RE; STM32L151VE; STM32L151ZE; STM32L152QE; STM32L152RE; STM32L152VE; STM32L152ZE; STM32L162RE; STM32L162VE; STM32L162ZE; **************************************AVR***************************************ATMEL: ATmega48A; ATmega48PA; ATmega8; ATmega8515; ATmega8535; ATmega88A; ATmega88PA; ATmega16; ATmega162; ATmega163; ATmega165; ATmega168A; ATmega168PA; ATmega169; ATmega169P; ATmega32; ATmega325; ATmega3250; ATmega328; ATmega328P; ATmega329; ATmega3290; ATmega406; ATmega64; ATmega640; ATmega644; ATmega645; ATmega6450; ATmega649; ATmega6490; ATmega128; ATmega1280; ATmega1281; ATmega1284P; ATmega2560; ATmega2561; *************************************C8051**************************************SILICON_LABS: C8051F340; Package included:1 x SkyPRO II Offline Programmer