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Easily set administrative passwords to protect user data security and prevent misuse by others.
Easy to use, convenient, fast, full-speed, safe, stable and reliable.
One-key programming, full touch operation, true full offline operation.
You can set an administrator password and disable the USB connection.
The programming file can be directly loaded on the programmer, and the file can be changed arbitrarily.
There is no need for any computer driver, no longer causing problems for individual computers that cannot connect.
Burning files without computer conversion, compiler generated files directly copied to the programmer's own U disk to use.
The programmer can directly display file related information, file verification, file name, size, time, and so on.
The programmer comes with a USB flash drive, and the flash file can be used directly in the USB flash drive.
The programmer can support up to 200 or more burned files at the same time.
Powerful information output box, all operation details can be displayed through the monitor output.
Full color TFT display, full touch operation.
A variety of automatic programming options to speed up production
Burn the chip at fast speed.
The number of burning can be set arbitrarily.
Supports chip name redefinition.
Very friendly user interface. (supports Chinese and English)
Dual voltage display.
Output voltage programmable output.
Powerful counting function, a variety of counting methods.
All input and output interfaces (USB port, SWIM port, programming expansion port), all with ESD protection.
Input over-current protection, reverse polarity protection.
Package includes:
1 x Programmer
1 x USB data cable
1 x 3-core programming line
2 x 4-core programming line
1 x Touch pen
Test, for reference only, the module does not includes.