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1. Color: Black
2. Body material: ABS / Fuel Injection
3. Wire length: 1.6meter
4. Mouse size: 148.85mm × 94.82mm × 98.93mm/5.86inch x 3.73inch x 3.89inch
5. Mouse weight: 210g
6. Power supply: USB Power Supply
7. Supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP 
1. Lighting settings: Blue Long Bright, Bottom Switch
2. Ergonomics: Right Hand Design
3. Connection: Wired
4. Mouse interface: USB
5. Number of Keys: 6
6. Maximum resolution: 1600 DPI
7. Adjustable resolution: 3 Level 600/1000/1600DPI
1. Anti-Skid sweat, detachable palm rest design, comfortable and natural.
2. Blue light and unique ergonomic concept, cochlear bionic feel design,to ease the long-term use of the mouse arm discomfort and sense of restraint.
Package Include: 
1x Mouse (With Removable Palm Rest)
1x User Manual