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Specification:1. Item: Wireless Numeric Keypad2. Keyboard size: 129.9 * 84.2 * 14mm3. Key Amount: 22 Keys4. Working Voltage: 1.5V5. Working current use key: 1.5-3.0 m A (Light off)6. Working Distance: 8 m7. Sleep Current: 0.009 mA8. Sleep Time: 2 minutes (Light on )9. Awake way: Any key to awake

Compatibility:1. Support PC laptop Desktop with Windows 2000/ Me/ 98/ XP /Vista/ 7/ 8/10 system.2. This number pad is NOT completely compatible with Macbook OS system and Apple iOS system, Num Lock Key can not work but other number and symbol keys work well.

LED light display status:1. Keyboard Indicator Light: NUM indicator light color(Green), Power indicator light color(Red)2. Low Voltage Status: when the working voltage below 0.9V, the red indicator light blink.

Package Included:1 * 22 Key 2.4GHz Wireless Numeric Keypad Keyboard