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CANOpen J1939 DeviceNet USBCAN-2 CANalyst-IIDescription:
32-bit, 80M high-frequency high-performance processor with 512K flash, 128K SRAM storage space to buffer the CAN 6000 information.
Support for advanced online programming (online writing FLASH) can save the configuration information and status in real time CAN without power are cumbersome to configure each.
10K ~ 1M baud rate range in any configuration, with Baud Rate configuration tools, one-click configuration.
10K ~ 1M baud rate range measured in any frame
Perfect support win8 / win7 / xp 64bit / 32bit USB3.0 / USB2.0 / USB1.1. win8 64bit + USB3.0 to achieve optimal performance.
Unique encryption technology: the user secondary development of software, add-shelf packaged good encryption code, can achieve a unique software and hardware binding, of course, you can also create a set of keys in software, the software is bound to achieve a particular a group of devicesFeature:
USB and CAN protocol conversion;
CANalyat-II analyzer (Extreme Edition) includes two CAN interfaces;
USB interface supports USB2.0, compatible with USB1.1;
CAN2.0A CAN2.0B protocol support and supports standard and extended frames;
Support bi-directional transmission, CAN send, CAN reception;
It supports data frame, remote frame format;
CAN controller baud rate between 10Kbps-1Mbps optional software configurable;
CANalyst-II analyzer (Extreme Edition): CAN bus interface using high-speed magnetic coupling isolation, isolated DC-DC power supply; three-terminal full isolation (USB bus and CAN bus isolation, CAN1 and CAN2 isolation room)
Maximum flow: two CAN channels (and running), respectively, received 8500 / s, sending 8500 / s; (two channels simultaneously receiving 8500 / s, USB speed of up to 17,000 / s speed, no dropped frames )
Internal CAN transmit buffer capacity for each channel 1000 (failed to send automatic retransmission), CAN receive buffer capacity for each channel 2000;
USB bus directly powered, no external power supply;
CANalyst-II Analyzer, isolation module insulation voltage: 2500V;
Working temperature: -40 ~ 85 ℃Package included:1 x CANalyst-II